Our Story

 At a time when Dee was in search for something to help his wife, who was battling a very rare cancer. At the same, time his mother n law was suffering from dementia, Dee was desperately looking for a better way to help his wife and her mother cope with their pain.


This was around the time the world stood still from the covid pandemic in 2020 and people were dying at an alarming rate. Especially those who had underlying health issues which in this case included my wife and mother n law. 



 Now, at this time cbd was introduced to the public along with cannabis. There was quite a bit of information floating around about the medicinal uses of these plants, especially pertaining to pain management. Dee decided to dive deep into this new space to see was there anything that he could learn and put into action to help his family.


 He reached out to his good friend VV and told her about what he was going through and wanted her to start a company that was dedicated to health and wellness using premium cbd and hemp products that can help those going through the same physical and mental issues as his wife and her mother.



VV was very familiar with the cannabis space and decided to join Dee and together they formed the mother company Buddy Luv LLC and housed under that formed Buddy Luv Wellness.Today they have been building a grassroots following with the hopes of opening their first flagship store in Chicago by fall 2024.